Our belief is not all Charter Schools are bad.  EVERY family should have the right to choose what education works best for them. Public schools are not for everyone and are drastically declining in providing a quality education. It all comes down to who “Owns and Operates” these Charter Schools.  What we have researched and learned has determined our opinions of the current public school system and how Charter Schools have become relevant in the last 10 years or less.  Charter Schools are setup with investors looking to receive a return on investment utilizing the taxpayer dollar.  They also are not held by the same standards as public schools among our State. Although their is work being done to modify this. They have several loose requirements allowing them to compete, yet several have shown test results are not as good as public schools.  We believe certain Charter Schools operate on good faith and actually adhere to their mission.  Most of these are locally owned and are driven by good people with good intentions.  Other Charter Schools are owned and operated by Billionaires from out of state and are operated by companies out of state.  These companies are here to do one thing.  Earn a profit and not care about the student’s education.  “It’s all about the money”.    

The facts remain, through time, Board of Education members have not redistricted lines to keep up with the long term zoning and development plans of towns or cities.  Normally redistricting leads to a political issues and public optics resulting in possible changes of support for each Board Member.  Guilford County Schools has not redistricted lines since 2003 under Terry Grier.  It was a major controversy and our current GCS Board won’t discuss this option. 

As time has passed, Choice became the new identity and parents could have the choice to send their kids to whatever school they wanted too.  What has this done to the system? 

  • Our transportation costs have gone up

  • We have had possible bus driver protests

  • GCS Administration keeps requesting more money from the Guilford County Commissioners because of missed budgets

  • Kids have much longer bus rides

  • Kids avoid playing sports because of the long bus rides

  • Parents can’t watch their kids play sports because it is across town

  • Sports decline due to long bus rides leading to removal of sports

  • Removal of sports creates further divide and chaos

  • Bus drivers are now a full time positions instead of part time

  • Overcrowded schools because of new development

  • Specific schools are less than 50% occupied putting them on a potential shut down list

  • Overcrowded schools results in more discipline problems and safety issues

  • GCS Administration are not prepared to handle these issues

  • GCS Superintendent proposes a $2 Billion Dollar Bond to build new schools or renovate existing ones while shutting down many schools

  • None of those future building plans fix overcrowding based on future development

  • None of those future building plans fix discipline problems

  • None of those future building plans fix our students test scores

  • None of those future building plans fix our teacher retention

  • None of those future building plans fix hiring qualified high quality teachers

  • None of those future building plans fix our 11 years of the same amount of students, 72,000 every year


City of Greensboro has performed a recent study on the Affordable Housing among Greensboro.  One of the interesting research results are to move low income people into higher opportunistic areas from their existing areas and homes.  If this is the case, we are curious to know which side GCS will support.  If they support this study, then redistricting must occur to offset the future development needs of Greensboro.  If they don’t support it, then it shows GCS doesn’t want the brighter, competitive, future for students or the taxpayers. 

See Greensboro Affordable Housing - Fair Housing Report -       

To understand and clarify on zoning and development of long term plans, they best way to do so is to research it below.

Several towns fall under Guilford County for zoning needs. 

Guilford County -

City of Greensboro –

City of High Point -

Town of Jamestown – Page 50 of Plan -

Town of Oak Ridge -