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GCS just added 4 new executives to their administration. Back in December we learned that 5.2% of our budget goes to our administration in downtown. Just over 80% of our money goes into the schools. There seems to be around 15% of our budget goes elsewhere. Now we have just increased our administration cost plus the other positions that were promoted since January. Why are we adding executive positions while our teachers are left with no raise? Why are we having to beg the commissioners to find money in their budget to increase pay for group of bus drivers who were going to strike? Why are we paying for outside consultants to train our staff on subjects not related to our State curriculum? The information given to us previously are friends with Todd Warren. Keep asking questions.....

In light of the recent article in Greensboro News & Record (see below) with GCS Employees being interviewed, we believe it is necessary to present the truth of emails sent by Board of Education Members and GCS Staff.  Based on their emails, it is our opinion they didn't agree with the dismissal of Dr. Dennis.  The information is below for you to create your own opinion.

Emails from BOE Member and GCS Staff.

Email from BOE Member

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