So far that we know of, this is where we have researched to learn about the Broad Academy and the history of how it was introduced into the State of North Carolina.  There are other affiliate companies or foundations with the same purpose.  Teach for America is hired by several of these groups to replace local teaching staff.


Broad Academy North Carolina Timeline:


2006 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) – hires Broad Academy Alumni Superintendent - (Dr. Peter Gorman)

2006 – CMS hired Teach for America Alumni as Charlotte corps member - (Mark Johnson-NC State Superintendent 2016)

2008 - GCS Elected BOE Member trains employees for Teach for America through privately owned company REI, LLC - (Deena A. Hayes-Greene) - Teach for America Charlotte-Piedmont Triad; 

Teach for America Eastern North Carolina; Teach for American South Carolina

2011 – CMS Superintendent (Dr. Peter Gorman) resigns for private sector job.


2011 – Guilford County Schools (GCS) – Release of RMC Research Report that was paid for by a grant from The Broad Academy ($19,300) by Superintendent (Maurice (Mo) Green).

2012 - CMS – hires Broad Academy Alumni Superintendent - (Dr. Heath E. Morrison)

2013 – North Carolina issues voucher program.

2013 - Parent reported to NC Values Coalition that GCS was using The Handmaides Tale in the summer reading program

2014 – CMS Broad Academy Superintendent resigns - (Dr. Heath E. Morrison)

2014 – CMS hired interim Broad Academy Superintendent - (Ann Clark)

2014 – Forsyth County elects Teach For America alumni as BOE member - (Mark Johnson-NC State Superintendent 2016)

2015 – GCS Superintendent resigns - Maurice (Mo) Green

2016 – GCS hires Broad Academy Superintendent - (Dr. Sharon Contreras)

2016 – North Carolina elects Teach for American Alumni as State Superintendent - (Mark Johnson)

2016 – CMS hired Broad Academy Superintendent - (Clayton M. Wilcox)

2019 – CMS Broad Academy Superintendent resigns - (Clayton M. Wilcox)

2019  - GCS adopts the new student discipline policy. Same policy used in Syracuse and Broward County FL. Same policy that was recalled a year after Contreras ran from Syracuse.

2022 - GCS Superintendent Dr. Sharon Contreras "resigns" on live TV yet nothing was put in writing. Going to The Innovation Progect