How to tell if your School District Infected by the Broad Virus

  • NO communication from schools. You hear from your students about fights at schools that don’t get reported correctly. You receive conflicting data between the City Police Department and your local school. Transparency is the number one culprit. Public request for information takes months or are never granted. Specific details regarding how money is spent is very vague or they will not give. Additional dollars keep being requested from the local government, City/ County Commissioners to make budget and “fix” things.


  • Ballooning of personnel at the central office. At the same time superintendent makes painful cuts to schools, classrooms and building maintenance. Upper management begins to increase and less dollars are spent on actual teachers, staff, students and buildings. Power is centralized. Decision-making is top down. The district hires a number of Broad trainee’s, sorority/fraternity, family and co-workers they have worked with in other districts. You have mini superintendents for your Principals.


  • Lots of CTE’s, new programs and charter’s. Old programs that were successful start to fail and are cancelled with no notice. New programs that do not help those that need it the most. All wonderful new opportunities are started for the betterment of the students then funding is cut or backers drop out. No longer offering transportation for students or all the wonderful perks. Look great on paper for the superintendent and district but in the end also start to fail.


  • Buildings are let to fall apart. Always blames on lack of money. Annual budgets reduce the maintenance portion of the facilities every year. Building start falling apart. No heat, mold, bad water and electrical… Schools in your district are suddenly closed OR your superintendent will TRY to close. Even top-performing schools, alternative schools, schools for the gifted, special needs are inexplicably and suddenly targeted for closure or mergers.


  • The Promise Program is still being used and Police are not allowed to uphold the law. They need permission from administration to go onto school grounds and or arrest a student. Students are allowed to plead out of punishments RJP (Restorative Justice Program). The perpetrator has more rights than the abused students, teachers and staff. Students have no consequences for bad behavior. They are moved around to other schools or are allowed to re-enroll under other names. Students are allowed to roam the halls and do as they please. Many are labeled with a form of a disability, so consequences and the laws do not apply to them.


  • Safety and students welfare are NOT a priority. Programs are adopted but never implemented. Equipment for such things as ID’s, bus tracking, cameras, panic button are purchased but are not used in all schools. Many schools get the hardware but never implemented due to a lack of funding. SRO’s are not wanted in the schools as they scare the students and the students have rights. No drug K-9’s are allowed for the same reasons. Locked bathroom doors, drugs and gangs begin to be a huge issue.


  • Repetition of the phrases and word. “the achievement gap” and “closing the achievement gap” in district documents and public statements. Repeated use of the term’s "equity", "equality", "white privilege", “excellence” and “best practices” and “data-driven decisions.”


  • Local autonomy of schools is taken away. Principals are treated like pawns by the superintendent, relocated, rewarded and punished at will. Culture of fear of reprisal develops in which teachers, principals, staff, even parents feel afraid to speak up against the policies of the district or the superintendent. Teachers are no longer referred to as people, educators, colleagues, staff, or even “human resources,” but as “human capital.” The district leadership declares that the single most significant problem in the district is suddenly: teachers! Teachers are no longer expected to be creative, passionate, inspired, but merely “effective”. All must have continued training. Teachers, Staff and Bus drivers do not get raises. Even if the State says to. The end goal is to get qualified workers to leave. Teach for America, Inc., novices are suddenly brought into the district, despite no shortage of fully qualified teachers. Teachers and Principals start being moved from schools that are doing well for questionable reasons. Forced into positions they are not comfortable with. Others put in and schools fall apart. Teachers and staff have no “real” representation. The Group that should be standing up for them is actually on the Superintendents pay roll and supports their agenda. Teachers, Administrators, staff, Bus Drivers, students all start leaving.


  • Always wants to implement and spend money on new programs. Excessive amounts of testing introduced and imposed on your kids. Weak math text adopted (most likely Everyday Math). Possibly weak language arts too.


  • SACA, NACS, AdvancedED all now called COGNIA doing analysis of your schools. All of which support your superintendents “Strategic Plan”.  They in turn provide or fabricate data that supports the superintendent’s ed reform agenda (factual accuracy not required). The production of “data” that is false or cherry-picked, and then used to justify reforms. This data appears to contradict what you know (gut level) and what teachers say to be true about your own district. Your state threatens to turn your schools over to charter school operators.


  • Sudden increase in number of paid outside consultants. Services from outside firms are procured to generate reports about your school system. These reports discuss shutting down and consolidating the existing system and building new schools.


  • Superintendent behaves as if s/he is beyond reproach. Superintendent reads phone or sends texts while parents and teachers are giving public testimony at school board meetings, blatantly ignoring public input. The superintendent receives the highest salary ever paid to a superintendent in your town’s history (plus benefits and car allowance) – possibly more than your mayor or governor — and the community is told “that is the national, competitive rate for a city of this size.” Superintendent bypasses school board entirely and keeps them out of the loop on significant or all issues. Policies are put into play prior to being voted in through the local BOE. Has a very large amount of money they may spend without board approval. Behaves as though they are the boss and the school board is their employees.


  • Political and Church organizations at school board mtgs and ALL media outlets. They appear claiming to represent “the community” or “parents” and all advocate for the exact same corporate ed reforms that your superintendent supports. Of course, none of these are genuine grassroots community organizations. All are local church and political groups or affiliated with the NAACP. They are fervidly in favor of teacher bashing; merit pay or charter schools. Always telling your school board to support your superintendent. Don’t be surprised to find that these groups may have received money from you superintendent for their own programs. They turn the School Board meetings into a circus. Will belittle school board members and parents when they speak. Always first to the meeting. Filling up as mush space as they can


  • Your school board starts to show signs of Stockholm Syndrome. They vote in lockstep with the superintendent. Apparently lobotomized by periodic “school board retreat/Broad training” sessions headed by someone from Broad. Your school board stops listening to parents and starts to treat them as the enemy. School board candidates that support the superintendent receive unprecedented amounts of campaign money from business interests. School Board members that do not fall in line will be bullied and replaced. They become very politicly driven.


  • Lots of Grants start being given. The Gates, Walton or Broad Foundations give your district grants for technical things related to STEM, APEX, and/or teacher “effectiveness” programs. You start to get programs like Social Emotional Learning… All teaching teachers they are the problem and teaching students how to be independent learners. No longer needing a teacher. Capable of taking classes on their own. Leading to no longer need qualified teachers…


  • Local newspapers will not report on the truths that are going on. They fail to report on violence issues in the schools or any wrongdoing by the superintendent and never mentions the words “Broad Foundation.”


  • There is a strange sense of sabotage going on. You start to feel you are trapped in the nightmarish book five of the Harry Potter series and the evilly vindictive Dolores Umbridge is running your school district.

North Carolina Broad Academy Timeline


So far that we know of, this is where we have researched to learn about the Broad Academy and the history of how it was introduced into the State of North Carolina.  There are other affiliate companies or foundations with the same purpose.  Teach for America is hired by several of these groups to replace local teaching staff.


Broad Academy North Carolina Timeline:


2006 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) – hires Broad Academy Alumni Superintendent - (Dr. Peter Gorman)

2006 – CMS hired Teach for America Alumni as Charlotte corps member - (Mark Johnson-NC State Superintendent 2016)

2008 - GCS Elected BOE Member trains employees for Teach for America through privately owned company REI, LLC - (Deena A. Hayes-Greene) - Teach for America Charlotte-Piedmont Triad; 

Teach for America Eastern North Carolina; Teach for American South Carolina

2011 – CMS Superintendent (Dr. Peter Gorman) resigns for private sector job.


2011 – Guilford County Schools (GCS) – Release of RMC Research Report introducing Broad Academy by Superintendent (Maurice (Mo) Green).

2012 - CMS – hires Broad Academy Alumni Superintendent - (Dr. Heath E. Morrison)

2013 – North Carolina issues voucher program.

2014 – CMS Broad Academy Superintendent resigns - (Dr. Heath E. Morrison)

2014 – CMS hired interim Broad Academy Superintendent - (Ann Clark)

2014 – Forsyth County elects Teach For America alumni as BOE member - (Mark Johnson-NC State Superintendent 2016)

2015 – GCS Superintendent resigns - Maurice (Mo) Green

2016 – GCS hires Broad Academy Superintendent - (Dr. Sharon Contreras)

2016 – North Carolina elects Teach for American Alumni as State Superintendent - (Mark Johnson)

2016 – CMS hired Broad Academy Superintendent - (Clayton M. Wilcox)

2019 – CMS Broad Academy Superintendent resigns - (Clayton M. Wilcox)


GCS Introduction


Prior to our State issuing vouchers and prepping our school system, December of 2011, GCS Releases Broad Prize Diagnostic Report.


This report analyzed which GCS policies and practices are creating the district-wide conditions teachers and students need to succeed.The four-person research team conducted approximately 60 classroom "walk throughs" and interviewed more than 280 individuals, most of whom were randomly selected. Focus group participants included teachers, principals, central office administrators, support staff, students, parents and community members.


“The diagnostic visit, report, monitoring visits and follow-up services were paid for by a $19,300 grant from the Broad Foundation, along with $19,300 in matching funds provided by the local Businesses for Excellence in Education.”This is where GCS started to become a blip on the radar.The Broad Academy and the Billionaire Eli Broad looking at our system and seeing if it is a good subject to land his charter school systems.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools - (CMS) Introduction


“Based on the Theory of Action adopted by the Board of Education, the plan revised the district curriculum and put more authority at the school level, partially decentralizing CMS. The superintendent also brought in significant new partners for the district, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the C.D. Spangler Foundation, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation and the Wallace Foundation, as well as strengthening the district's connection to Teach For America and Communities In Schools.”


“Notoriously unwilling to listen to critics, TFA spends truckloads of money to tamp down criticism. From a small Peace Corps style organization, TFA has transformed itself into a well-connected multi-million dollar corporate behemoth with many ties to the same big money groups busily dismantling public education. The Walton Family, the Broad Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, the Arnolds, Exxon—TFA is tied to most of the major bankrollers of modern ed reform. TFA’s strategic initiatives for 2015 were about strengthening its community and staying on the forefront of leadership; it mentions nothing about educating children.”


If any of these items above have struck a chord, then your current school system might be under attack by several billionaires that are trying to privatize the public-school system for profit. Each state has its own history along with each county or city school system. 

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