Take Back Our Schools - GCS is proud to endorse these school board candidates for 2022.

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It was such an exciting experience that so many familiar faces that have supported me and the TakeBack mission over the last 10 years were able to come and support with us the GCS Board of Education Candidates. I am so humbled by all those that sponsored our event and made contributions to help the candidates.

Thank you, Maria and Susan for all the hard work, time, and heart, you both have put into this wonderful event.  I would also like to take a moment to thank my TakeBack board, VP - Misty Reagan, Treasurer - Gene Parker, and Secretaries - Susan Tysinger and Shelia Cruthis, for your support of our vision and in helping find candidates that share our mission of fixing our schools by putting children first. Without all of you we would have never been able to take the next steps in making this dream a reality...
…a special thank you to Misty for all the countless hours of traveling with me educating the community about the issues within Guilford County schools and searching for BOE candidates..

TakeBack is honored to have been able to be a voice for our Guilford County children, parents, educators, and staff. Our mission has and will always be about fixing our public education system. It is of vital importance that we as a community come together and help the 4 candidates we have running. The children and their futures are the reason we are here. This is all about them and the only way we can start fixing things is by getting all four board of education candidates elected. 


A huge thank you and a debt of gratitude to both to Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and Mrs. Yolanda Robinson for taking the time to join us in the mission of electing these BOE candidates. We so appreciate all your hard work and encouragement to keep going. 

This is an exciting time in America and in North Carolina specifically. We are seeing more and more candidates coming together and running on common grounds. Joining forces and becoming teams. Currently the common issue is education. We at TakeBack have met with attorney’s, house and senate leaders, and anyone that was willing to speak to us. I have spent countless hours on the phone with educators, parents, and GCS staff trying to help solve the issues that they are facing in our schools. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the only answer is to flip our school board, elect a Strong Sheriff, Mayor, County Commissioners, City Leaders and our next

GOVERNOR, Mark Keith Robinson.

For each to succeed we must come together and do our part. Therefore, TakeBack is endorsing all 4 of these candidates as well as every Republican running for a seat. I know TakeBack has said STOP the Politics, and we do believe politics has no place in our schools. But to fix the corruption in our public education system we must have strong leaders that can work as a team to call it out and resolve the issues. The agendas we are seeing playing out are being pushed by the Democratic Party and we cannot be a part of it. We need leaders that are willing to put their differences aside, listen to the parents and put our children and staff first.

We must keep in mind that what is being exposed in education is not new and was not created overnight therefore, it will not be fixed overnight. It is going to take time and a great deal of knowledge and determination to tackle this evil. I have full confidence Crissy, Linda, Tim, and Demetria are fully qualified to do just that!  I would like to remind everyone that together we are stronger and can overcome any obstacle. 

Thank you all again for coming and for your support.


Stephanie Mitchell

Take Back Our Schools-GCS

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Two years ago, I moved to High Point, NC, from the State of Maryland.  I officially retired at the end of 2019, having worked for the Federal Government and for companies with contracts with the Government for approximately forty (40) years. I am a graduate of George Mason University, Annandale, VA with a degree in Business Administration.  I am also a graduate of Duke University School of Law, Durham, NC.  As an attorney for the Federal Government, I practiced administrative and Federal contract law.  During the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, I started a home-based business/consultancy.


I am a member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of North Carolina.  I serve on the Executive Advisory Council for the Remarkable Speakers Bureau, Greensboro, NC. 


I am an enrolled member of the Piscataway Conoy Indian Tribe, Charles County, MD, which is a subtribe of the Delaware.  I have family in Jamestown, NC, Lawndale, NC, in the States of Pennsylvania and Ohio, and throughout the State of Maryland. 

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District 2 – Crissy Pratt:  A National Board-Certified Teacher, Middle Childhood Generalist with a Master of Education degree in Instructional Technology. Crissy is a lifelong educator, with experience working in schools serving economically disadvantaged areas, as well as developing curriculum for virtual learning environments.


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District 6 – Tim Andrew:  A retired Marine Corps officer with a Master of Business Administration degree. Tim is a Certified Project Management Professional with a substantial facilities/equipment maintenance background.

"I want to be a voice of reason on the board. Individual board members must work together, and as a Project Management Professional I know how to collaborate with diverse opinions and make sound decisions".