Our Purpose and Mission

Welcome to our website!  Our purpose and mission is to notify ALL residents of Guilford County, North Carolina on how our public-school system is getting closer and closer to being privatized by Billionaires for profit and the agenda they are pushing.

We believe in Parents and Community Supporting Strong Learning Environments and Safe Schools for ALL. "Take Back Our Schools" is a movement taking place across our country. It is about keeping the Broad Center and private, for profit groups out of our public schools. Along with their programs such as BLM & SEL that push the CRT agenda.


We are a group of concerned Guilford County citizens who want to make our schools safe. We want what is best for ALL students, teachers, bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria staff, secretaries, guidance counselors, administrators, SRO's and all other staff.  A great education FREE of violence, harassment and racism. We also stand strong in the belief that Politics DO NOT have a place in our Schools. We LOVE America and believe our children should too. Please feel free to contact us if you have information to share or would like to join our movement. We kept our word with our petition and we will stand by that promise to not divulge anyone's name or information should you entrust us.

 Knowledge is Power! #FixIt

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